Blogging is a constant game of tug-of-war with me. I am always worried about what I’m going to say, whether or not people will read, and it is definitely is something that I have to build the confidence for. However, if I’ve learned anything from studying writing for the past three years, it’s that the best way to get better at writing is to write. So I’m going to apply that logic to blogging and say that the best way to get better at blogging is to blog. (Bear with me)

This past week my hair stopped loving me. It began when I washed it. My hair felt odd, and I was in a rush so I waited until my hair dried a bit before styling it, (which could possibly be my first mistake) and then I twisted it like I normally do. I put one flat twist on the side of my head, (I do a side part) one then three flat twists on the other side of my head (pictures to come, hopefully) but this time it felt differently instead of looking like this:

Don't mind the mess, I'm a teenager

Where it’s smooth, and a bit flat, very few fly-aways, and I am happy (look at that braces-free smile!).

It was rough, for lack of a better term, and squeaky clean, as opposed to feeling coated, even after I put on Jojoba and Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Then when I took it out, it looked more likeĀ 

Than this:

Sometimes I like to be fancy

Which was obviously a problem for me, so I thought… and thought, then got very frustrated… then thought some more and then I realized that something big happened. Something quite cataclysmic in the grand scheme of things…

Spring happened.

And with Spring, especially this year, humidity happened. My hair is not feeling it.

So I Googled, because in the 21st century no one has any questions without going to Google first, and I found that the number one problem that many people have when faced with humidity is having products that contain a humectant. I really thought that none of my products had humectants, but then I read the labels…

My favorite staple, Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie, had Vegetable Glycerin, and I almost fell out.

So here I am, hair puffy as I don’t know what, and now I am searching for a product to fight frizz.

Wish me luck, and patience, because I sure am going to need it.

Until next time,